HP PI06 Battery

HP PI06 Battery

Brand: HP
Product Code: PI06
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HP PI06 Battery

GENUINE Battery 10.8V 4200mAh 710416-001/709988-542  PI06 HSTNN-UB4N

Features and Technical Specifications:

Condition:   new, Genuine ORIGINAL
Model NO.: PI06
Battery Type: Li-ion
Number of Cells: 6
Capacity: 4200mAh, 47Wh
Voltage: 10.8V

  • Also compatible with HP Pavilion 14, HP Pavilion 15, HP Pavilion 17 series
  • Compatible with HP ENVY 15 & 17 Select, Quad & TouchSmart laptops
  • Genuine HP Product; 6 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery; Great as a spare or replacement!
  • The right battery can keep you and your Notebook PC working longer
  • Works with 15z-jxxx, 15t-jxxx, 17t-jxxx (any numbers will work in the "x" indication)

  • Compatible Parts:709988-421 709988-541 709988-851 709989-421 710416-001 710417-001 887758452578 H6L38Aa H6L38Aa#Abb Hstnn-Db4N Hstnn-Lb4N Hstnn-Lb4O Hstnn-Ub4N Hstnn-Yb4N Hstnn-Yb4O P106 Pi06 Pi06Xl Pi09 Tpn-L110 Tpn-L111 Tpn-L112 Tpn-Q117 Tpn-Q119 Tpn-Q120 Tpn-Q121 Tpn-Q122

  • Fits Computer Models: HP Envy 15-J000,Envy 15-J078Sf Touchsmart,Envy 15-J100,Envy 15-Q001Tx,Envy 15-Q100,Envy 15T-J000,Envy 15T-J100 Quad,Envy 15Z-J000,Envy 15Z-J100,Envy 17 Lm Se 17-J150La,Envy 17 Lm Touchsmart Se 17-J101Tx,ENVY 17-j000 Leap Motion SE,ENVY 17-j000 Quad Edition,Envy 17-J100,ENVY 17-j100 Leap Motion QE,ENVY 17-j100 Leap Motion TS SE,Envy 17-J101Ex Leap Motion Touchsmart Se,Envy 17T-J000,Envy 17T-J000 Quad,Envy 17T-J100 Leap Motion Qe,Envy 17T-J100 Quad Edition,Envy Leap Motion 17-J170Ca,Envy M6-N012Dx,Envy Quad 15,Envy Quad 15T-J000,Envy Quad 15T-J100,Envy Quad 17T-J000,Envy Quad 17T-J100,Envy Quad Leap Motion 17T-J100,Envy Select 15T-J000,Envy Select 15T-J100,Envy Select 17T J100,Envy Select 17T-J000,Envy Select 17T-J100,Envy Touchsmart 15-J000,Envy Touchsmart 15-J113Tx,Envy Touchsmart 15T-J000,Envy Touchsmart 15T-J100,Envy Touchsmart 15Z-J000,Envy Touchsmart 17-J000,Envy Touchsmart 17-J100,ENVY TouchSmart 17-j100 Quad Edition,Envy Touchsmart M7-J000,Envy Touchsmart M7-J100,Pavilion 14-E000,Pavilion 15-E000,Pavilion 15-E101Tu,Pavilion 15-J184Nr,Pavilion 15t-e000,Pavilion 15z-e000,Pavilion 17-033Nr,Pavilion 17-E000,Pavilion 17-E100 Touchsmart,Pavilion 17Z-E000,Pavilion 17Z-E100,Pavilion Touchsmart 17-E114Dx,Pavilion Touchsmart 17-J117Cl,Pavilion Touchsmart 17-J157Cl Envy 15-J000Er Envy 15-J000Sg Envy 15-J001Er Envy 15-J001Sb Envy 15-J001Sg Envy 15-J001Tx Envy 15-J002Er Envy 15-J002La Envy 15-J003Eo Envy 15-J003La Envy 15-J004Ax Envy 15-J004La Envy 15-J004Tx Envy 15-J005Ep Envy 15-J005Ss Envy 15-J005Tu Envy 15-J006Ax Envy 15-J006Cl Envy 15-J007Ax Envy 15-J007Cl

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