HP HSTNN-IB75 Replacement Battery for HP Pavilion

HP HSTNN-IB75 Replacement Battery for HP Pavilion

Brand: HP
Product Code: HST-IB75
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HP HSTNN-IB75 Replacement Battery for HP Pavilion

DV7 DV7T DV7Z DV7T-1000 DV7Z-1000 HDX18T-1000 HDX18-1020 Series HSTNN-IB75 HSTNN-C50C HSTNN-Q35C 464059-121 

Features and Technical Specifications:

Condition:   new
Model NO.: HSTNN-IB75
Battery Type: Li-ion
Number of Cells: 12
Capacity: 7200mAh, 47Wh
Voltage: 10.8V



Compatible laptop models:

HP Pavilion dv7 Series
HP Pavilion dv7-1000 Series dv7-1000ea dv7-1001ea dv7-1001tx 
dv7-1001xx dv7-1002ea dv7-1002tx dv7-1002xx dv7-1003ea dv7-1003tx 
dv7-1003xx dv7-1004ea dv7-1004tx dv7-1005eg dv7-1005tx dv7-1006tx 
dv7-1007tx dv7-1008tx dv7-1009tx dv7-1010et dv7-1010tx dv7-1011tx 
dv7-1012tx dv7-1013tx dv7-1014ca dv7-1014tx dv7-1015eg dv7-1015tx 
dv7-1016nr dv7-1016tx dv7-1017tx dv7-1018eg dv7-1018tx dv7-1019tx
dv7-1020ea dv7-1020eg dv7-1020el dv7-1020es dv7-1020tx dv7-1020us
dv7-1021tx dv7-1022tx dv7-1023cl dv7-1023em dv7-1023tx dv7-1024tx 
dv7-1025eg dv7-1025nr dv7-1025tx dv7-1026tx dv7-1027ca dv7-1027tx 
dv7-1029tx dv7-1030eb dv7-1030el dv7-1030en dv7-1030ep dv7-1030tx 
dv7-1031tx dv7-1034ca dv7-1035ef dv7-1035em dv7-1038ca dv7-1040ec


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