Microsoft Office 365 Personal (1 PC & Tablet, 1 Year Subscription)- ESD

Microsoft Office 365 Personal (1 PC & Tablet, 1 Year Subscription)- ESD

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Microsoft Office 365 Personal (1 PC & Tablet, 1 Year Subscription)- ESD

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  • Word 2017, Excel 2017, Powerpoint 2017, Outlook 2017, OneNote 2017, Access 2017 & Publisher 2017
  • One (1) Year Subscription
  • MS Office on one PC or MAC plus one iPad or Windows Tablet -Easily access your docs with Office Mbile apps for iPhones, Android and Windows Phones
  • 1 TB OneDrive Online Cloud Storage
  • Skype 60 mins in over 60 Countries with Skype world minutes (60 mins per month)



The user-friendly, multi-purpose writing program. Buy Office 365 Personal to get the most up-to-date version of Microsoft’s premier word processor, Word 2017, for you and your family. Easily create the documents you need using this versatile program. Microsoft Word is perfect for writing letters, completing homework, taking notes, and a plethora of other household tasks. Choose from over 40 different templates to easily get the look you want or start from scratch and let your creativity flow. Re-designed for simplicity, you’ll have your family creating documents in no time.



The clever calculation program. Office 365 Personal comes with a brand new version of Microsoft Excel – a powerful calculation tool. Now easier to use and more intuitive than any other version, with Microsoft Office 365 you know you’ll always get all the most recent updates. Clever and intuitive, let Excel do all the hard work for you. The program is perfect for all your family’s computing needs, for example the household accounts, the kids’ homework, or planning your holiday expenses, to name a few. Excel can recognise and detect connections across workbooks making it easier to spot the trends and draw conclusions – making Office 365 Personal perfect for your family.

  • Visualise, analyse, and make conclusions with a few simple clicks by using one of the templates, or design your own worksheets from scratch
  • Separate workbooks now open in new windows allowing you to keep on track as you work
  • Clever new features and a redesigned interface will have you calculating in no time


Interactive notes on the go. Another great feature of Office 365 Personal is the new and improved version of OneNote 2017. Use OneNote to type, draw, handwrite, or swipe your notes. With the intelligent recognition software, OneNote makes all your notes searchable and syncs them across your devices. It’s also possible to share your notes with your family so you’ll all be on the same page, never forget the milk again!

  • Draw, use your stylus, type, or include web pages, OneNote is designed to accommodate any method of note taking you like
  • OneNote can recognise your handwriting, making your handwritten notes as searchable as your typed ones
  • Use the Send to OneNote tool to easily send quick notes, documents or even web pages to any notebook section you like


Attractive presentations in just a few clicks. This updated version of PowerPoint offers you and your family the chance to have fun while working on all kinds of projects. PowerPoint is perfect for creating a splash at your big meeting, the children’s class presentations, or creating a lasting collection of your holiday snaps and home videos for your friends and family to enjoy. Slideshows have never been simpler to create.

  • Showcase your ideas the way you want by using handy features such as themes, colour matching, or even choose a ready-made template
  • Create more than just a slideshow by integrating audio and video files directly into the slide
  • Only show your audience the slide and keep your notes to yourself using the Presenter View


Keep organised with this handy email client. Keep your affairs in order with this great version of Outlook. More than just an email client, Outlook is now your personal organiser. Sync your calendars with your family and stay in touch easily using the sleek new interface and even draw contact information from social networking sites.

  • The classic navigation bar allows you to find what you need instantly – Inbox, contacts, calendar, and tasks are all right where you need them
  • Organise the family by sharing calendar information, and never miss engagements again
  • Use your Outlook or Live account to receive push-based notifications to certain mobile devices1 via (formerly


Great for creating databases and simple apps. Office 365 Personal also comes with a full version of Access. So much more than a simple tool for creating databases, Access now comes with templates for creating simple web based applications too. Access includes a range of features that will be useful for homework, addresses or even the Christmas list, and you can even set up and design an app to help you along the way.

  • Create custom apps without being a developer. Use the templates or start from scratch and define the data you wish to track
  • Incorporate tables and textboxes and easily pick out data and define the relationship
  • Use the powerful databases tools to keep your family’s affairs in order


Simple tools to get the most out of your photos. Organise and create your family’s photographs using the new, feature-rich version of Publisher. Creating dynamic publications has never been easier. Choose within a large range of intuitive, easy-to-use tools to design professional publications.

  • Add a personal touch to documents, invitations, and other household necessities using the simple drag and drop canvas
  • Import images of your friends from social media websites without having to save to your desktop first, and apply a wide array of visual effects to really bring out the best in your photos
  • Capture your family’s memories and store them in the cloud using your 1TB OneDrive and always have your photos with you


Office 365 Personal is all about you.

Office 365

One subscription covers 1 PC or Mac + 1 Windows tablet or iPad1 + easy access on smartphones


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